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IDPR REV 50.11


                                                             GRANT APPLICATION

                           READ instructions carefully before completing this application.

                                  ******Use the space provided on this form only.******


Applicant Agency: City of Rexburg                                                                                                            

Address:                      12 North Center, Rexburg, 83440                                                                              

City                                          Zip      

Contact Person:          KeLand Draney, Chairman, Trails of Madison County Committee                           

                                                            Name                                                              Title

Address:                      12 North Center, Rexburg, 83440                                                                              

City                                          Zip

Daytime Phone:208-496-2400  Cell Phone:208- 313-2403 Fax:                                          


County (where project is located):     Madison                            

Common name of project:   Teton River Plaza Bridge and Trail                                                       

Project Location (state highway, area or body of water nearest to the site location and proximity to the nearest town or physical address):     The section of the Teton River between 2nd East Street and the rail road bridge in Rexburg Idaho.                                                 

IDPR Program from which you are applying for funds:

  Waterways Improvement Fund (WIF)

  Recreational Vehicle Account (RV)

  Off-Road Motor Vehicle Fund (ORMV)


X  Recreational Trails Program (RTP)

  Land & Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)


Grant Amount Requested:

$ 90,000

Match Amount Committed:

$ 50,050


Briefly describe the overall grant project (one sentence or outline): Construct a pedestrian/bicycle trail on the north bank of the Teton River adjacent to the Teton River Plaza and construct a pedestrian/bicycle bridge across the river, connecting to the trail system on the south side of the river.                                                                   


It is hereby mutually agreed and understood that the use of these funds will be for the purposes stated in this document only and are subject to the terms of the current Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation's Grant Agreement for this project, as signed by the authorized individuals.  It is also understood that the applicant will comply with the appropriate Recreation Program rules as they now exist. Applicants that receive grants involving federal funds must comply with requirements as outlined in the Office of Management and Budget Circular A-133. PLEASE SEE INSTRUCTIONS FOR EXAMPLES OF AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE SIGNATURES.


Signature of Authorized Representative                                 Title


Typed or Printed Name                                                           Date



The County Waterways Committee agrees and understands that this application meets the county's waterways improvement planning requirements.


_______________________________________________________     _____________________

County Waterways Committee or County Commissioner                          Date



Describe the CURRENT use in the area (Waterways, RV, ORMV, and/or other) and the POTENTIAL use expected with the development of this project.  (Include user days, types of users, number of users during high use, etc.)  Describe the current deficiencies and how they will be corrected with the development of this project.  Why is this project needed?


This trail will serve recreational and transportation needs of Rexburg.  In the summer the trail would be utilized by pedestrians, skaters, and cyclists.  In the winter this will be a create trail for cross country skiers.   The trail will also serve as an alternative mode of transportation (Cycling or pedestrian) to a major commercial area of Rexburg and  between Sugar City and Rexburg


This project is part of a trail system that is starting to evolve in Rexburg.  Therefore, we can only provide anecdotal evidence of trail usage by comparing usage of several of recreational project in the area.  Several years ago, the Nature park area near the Rexburg airport was developed into a recreational area consisting of ponds, paths, picnic shelters, skate park, and large grassy play areas.  From Spring to Fall this area is heavily used by the local citizens including university students.  This project will link the path from Sugar City to the Rexburg Nature Park.  A cyclist or pedestrian will be able to travel safely from Sugar City to this Nature park area on protected right of ways.


During the summer of 2004, a paved path circumnavigating Smith Park in Rexburg was created.  Any time of the day during warmer weather, there is someone on this path.  This includes joggers, mothers with strollers, skaters, strolling elderly people, and young couples.  There is a clear indication that pedestrian paths would receive high usage for recreational and fitness needs.


The U.S. Census Bureau indicates that Rexburg is the fastest growing city in Idaho, as reported in the Post Register, July 20, 2004.   Due to the recently strong growth in Rexburg, Sugar City, and Madison County there is a strong need for more recreational facilities.  These facilities would support both the permanent residents and the large student population.


2)      PROJECT URGENCY:  Describe the urgency of this project due to potential resource damage, or other impacts that may cause an opportunity to be lost if no action is taken. If this project is not funded, what affects will it have?


The need to accommodate and promote alternate modes of transportation is important because of the tremendous growth of Rexburg and the surrounding areas. These trails would provide an alternate method of getting from the center of Rexburg to the commercial district along 2nd East, thus avoiding the congested 2nd East automotive corridor.


We are attempting to time this project to coincide with the completion of the bike path between Sugar City and the north end of Rexburg.  Currently underway, this project funded by the Idaho Department of Transportation, will construct a pedestrian/bicycle path along the railroad that runs between Sugar City and Rexburg.  A path terminating at 2nd North Street would put cyclist and pedestrians within two blocks of the center of Rexburg.


If this project is not funded at this time, the development of these alternate transportation corridors and recreational areas will not keep up with the needs of the population. In and of itself, the timing of this project is not critical because most of the right of ways are already owned by the city of Rexburg. What is critical is the affect this project will have on future projects that are part of the Trails Master Plan.  We need a completed project to demonstrate the viability of a pedestrian/bicycle system within the cities and county.  When we have approached landowners and developers in the recent past to ask for easements for a pedestrian path, they would ask, “What path system?”  The timing is critical to demonstrate to these landowners and developer that the trails system is viable and in their best interest to work with us.


3)      SCOPE OF WORK:

a.      Describe what the project will accomplish. Describe the project planning. Explain, in detail, what will be accomplished, including the number of units, timetable, etc. If equipment, who will be using, number of hours used per year, and for what? (IMPORTANT:  Construction drawings or conceptual plans should be attached to this application. Please do not use anything larger than 11x17 size paper.)


This project will consist of constructing an 10 foot wide arched bridge with a span of 110 feet over the Teton River and constructing a quarter mile, 10 foot, paved path on the north bank of the Teton river adjacent to the Teton River Plaza in Rexburg.  In addition, the path on the riverbank will be landscaped with trees, bushes and ground cover.  An irrigation system is included to support the landscaping.  A section of the trail will be developed with landscaping that will require minimal maintenance, called “zeroscaping”


We anticipate that this project would be completed by June 2006.  We do not anticipate the same delays we had with the previous project funded by the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation.  That project was delayed because of the bridge required to cross a canal and the need stay within the budget of the grant.  In this  year’s grant request we are seeking enough funding to complete the entire project.


The bridge will be constructed by a local contractor.  The path along the river will either be constructed by City of Rexburg Employees or a contractor or a combination of both.


See the attached maps and engineering drawings.


b.      Have you discussed this project (in detail) with IDPR staff and/or the respective advisory committee member? Please list the IDPR staff and/or committee member:


X  Please check this box if you attended a grant workshop hosted by IDPR


Heather Westenzweig


Wayne Loosli


Mike Domy



         A. Describe how the project creates new opportunities not currently available? (See examples in the application instructions)


Currently, the cycling and pedestrian trails within the cities of Rexburg and Sugar City and the county are just starting to evolve.  The trails and paths that have been developed are fragmented.  This project will tie several sections together so that the details of the Master Plan for the County will start to become apparent to the citizens.  This project will develop several areas of the city that are undeveloped.









B.     How does the project address public health and safety issues? (See examples in the application instructions.)


Currently, the congested 2nd East Street corridor does have good sidewalk access for pedestrian and cyclists.  This trail would add an alternative route from the center of Rexburg to the northern retail section and on into Sugar City that is isolated from vehicular traffic.









C.     Is this part of a phased project? Please describe the phased project.


This project is a logical continuation and linkage between several existing paths, the path under development between Sugar City and Rexburg and the cycling lanes being stripped on city streets.   This project would also complete a segment of the trail on both sides of the Teton River.  We have projects and plans underway to extend the trail in two directions.  First, to the north along the railroad bed to provide a more direct and safer connection to the trail being developed between Rexburg and Sugar City.   Second, along the Teton River to the east, on both the north and south banks.  In the future we also are planning to landscape other sections of the trail that have been paved.












5)      PLAN OR SURVEY - Is this project included in an outdoor recreation plan or survey? How does this project relate to the recommendations of the plan? (See application instructions for examples of recreation plans.)


This project would meet the directives of public goals as noted on page 85 in the 2003-2007 SCORTP, “providing recreational trails to connect communities with each other and with recreation areas” was scored as the #2 issue of importance by the task force.


The project is included in the City of Rexburg Master Plan published in 2004.






6)      OUTDOOR RECREATION OPPORTUNITIES - Does the project provide:

X  New access to public outdoor recreation opportunities or purchase of new equipment

  Protection of existing access to public outdoor recreation opportunities or replacement of equipment


Please explain how this project provides new access or equipment OR protects existing access or replaces old equipment.


The bridge will provide direct access from the Teton River Plaza to the existing path on the south side of the river, along the rail road and connecting to the intersection of 2nd North and 1st West Street.







7)      LEGISLATIVE INTENT - How does this project address the needs of the users of this program? Does this project fit the purpose of the program? How? (Please refer to the Program Description section of this manual for explanation of legislative intent.)


This project fulfills the legislative intent of the Recreational Trails Fund program by the development, rehabilitation and linking of trails for recreational purposes.  People biking, walking, and jogging will be able to use all portions of the proposed trail development, and the project will provide an alternative mode of transportation for commuting, and other similar purposes.   








8)      MAINTENANCE, OPERATION, AND PUBLIC INFORMATION - Describe provisions for ongoing maintenance, operation, and public information/education of the project (Who will be responsible for the maintenance, operation, and public information and what is the annual budget?)


A.     Who will be responsible for the maintenance and operation of this project and what is the annual budget?


All the trails outlined in this project lie within the city limits of Rexburg.  The city of Rexburg will maintain these trails once they are completed as part of their Parks and Recreation department budget.



B.     Will there be, or is there currently, any form of public information/education offered at the site or with the project? Who will provide it?


We have been working with the local historical society to identify historical sites along the trails.  We anticipate utilizing the local Boy Scouts to develop appropriate markers, signs, benches, etc to inform the public of this information.  These projects would be Eagle Projects.


During the summer of 2004, we started an annual fund raising event, the “Great Spud” race.  The purpose of the event was to raise funds for the Trails of Madison County and to make the public aware of the trail system that is being proposed and developed.


In addition, we will be providing information about this trail and other projects on the Trails of Madison County web site at



9)      OBLIGATED MATCHING FUNDS – (a.) List the source, (b.) amount, and give a (c.) description of matching funds obligated to the project. Add column “b” and put total at the bottom.




           (b.) AMOUNT


      (c.) DESCRIPTION


City of Rexburg





In kind labor and materials


Rexburg Redevelopment Agency



































Provide letter(s) of commitment or other documentation to verify the match from each contributor. Your match will not be considered without appropriate letter(s) of commitment. Make sure the dollar value is noted on the letter of commitment.

The total in column “b” must be the same as the total in the “matching share” column “B” on the next page.




10)   BUDGET

Project Name:

Teton River Plaza Bridge and Trail

For IDPR Use Only




Grant #


Source of Funding

IDPR Use Only

Project Components


Total Cost

(B) Matching





Amount   Approved









Ground preparation









2” thick asphalt surface, course plant mix, (150 tons)









Irrigation System










Top Soil (85 cubic yards)










Trees (18 trees, 2 inch)










Bushes ( 140 plants)










Zero scape landscaping























































% of TOTAL


      36 %

  64     %



*Round to the nearest dollar and percentage. Be sure to check your addition. Columns A+B=C.




q     For RV, WIF, and ORMV projects – match is not required, but more points are awarded to projects with financial commitments from the sponsor.

q     For RTP projects only – A 20% match is required with 5% of the total project being non-federal money.

q     Grant requests for equipment over $1,000 (each) and under $50,000 (each) shall require a minimum of 50% matching funds to be eligible for funding under Board Policy.

q     For LWCF – 50% match is required.


The following questions are for administrative use and must be completed to establish eligibility of the project.


A.     ACCESSIBILITY – Explain how the project complies with accessibility requirements as stated in the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards, Americans with Disabilities Act Guidelines, or Uniform Building Code?  (Include construction drawings or conceptual plans to support accessibility. Please do not use anything larger than 11x17 size paper.)


Generally this entire project lies on relatively level ground.  All the plans are designed to comply with Federal Accessibility Standards






B.     SITE DESCRIPTION - Describe the site as well as the surrounding area.  Explain the compatibility of the project to the site.  (Include site location map, scale site plan including boundary and utility information, if available.)  If the grant is for equipment, describe where it will be used (include map).  Be specific.


The site lies within the City limits of Rexburg.  (See the attached maps)  The bridge will span the Teton river near where the rail road crosses the river.  The banks of the river have been built up and leveled for flood control purposes.  North of the Teton River is the newly developed Teton plaza which consists of a theater complex, retail stores and restaurants.   The south bank currently has a paved trail that will run parallel to the proposed trail.  The south river bank borders a retail shopping center and vacant land that the city plans to develop into a park and recreation area.




C.     PROJECT DESIGN - Who will design and/or engineer this project?  Is the person/company licensed?


The engineering work for the project will be under the direction of the Rexburg City Engineer who is licensed.


D.  PROJECT PERIOD – What is the intended start and completion dates?


Estimated Project Start Date:  July 2005

Estimated Project End Date:   June 2006

Do not begin on your project or incur costs until notified by an IDPR grants specialist.



  1-5 years

  6-10 years

  11-15 years

  16-20 years

X  20+ years


F.      USE FEE - Will a fee be charged for use of or access to this project?

    Yes     X   No


If Yes, justify the need to charge and specify the amount, to whom the fee will apply, and how the collected fee will be used.  Be specific.






G.     PUBLIC INVOLVEMENT - Describe the public involvement process (in detail) used in the planning of this project and the results of the input (attach necessary documentation).   Letters of support are not required, but can be submitted with your application.  If your project will impact fish and/or wildlife, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game must be notified.  NOTE:  PUBLIC INVOLVEMENT IS MANDATORY FOR ALL APPLICANTS AS STATED IN IDAPA CODE YOUR APPLICATION IS NOT ELIGIBLE WITHOUT PUBLIC INVOLVEMENT!


The lead organization for this project is the Trails of Madison County Committee, a group comprised of volunteer citizens.  The committee hold semimonthly, public meeting to discuss projects such as these.  In the summer of 2004, the committee jointly sponsored a fund raising activity with the local chapter of the Lions club.  The committee works with the local Boy Scouts to provide Eagle projects for the local youth.  A member of the committee represents BYU Idaho who coordinates involvement from the students at the university. 


`        PERMITS - Does this project require any necessary permits or National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation?    Yes   X  No


If Yes,          the permits have been obtained (attach copy)


      the permits have been applied for


      the permits have not been applied for


      the approved NEPA documentation is complete (attach copy)


If Yes, please identify the permits that will be required: ___________________________________


I.       APPLICANT OWNERSHIP - Describe ownership of the project site:


      The application is for equipment/service (land ownership is not required).


X        Applicant owns land (attach a copy of Fee Simple Title – Is the deed and title clear?)


      Applicant has a Management Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding with the legal landowner/management agency. (Attach copy of MOU and letter of support from landowner)


      If ownership is different from above, describe specifically:

J.  For Recreational Trails Program Grant Applications ONLY

  Motorized         X  Non-Motorized           Diverse Use   (Must check one. See program descriptions)


Project Name              Teton River Plaza Bridge and Trail                                                                    



This survey is a requirement for funding from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Recreational Trails Program.  Please complete all items.  Only those projects selected for funding will be submitted to the FHWA for their approval.  Please note that any answer enclosed by a box     requires further explanation (on a separate sheet).


1. Land Use

a. Briefly describe the land use in the project area.  Attach a land use map if needed.


The project will provide recreational and exercise activities to the community.



b. Is the project consistent with management/development plans for the area?             Yes _X__         No


Name of Plan                                                                                                                                             


2. Socioeconomics

Will the proposed project positively or negatively impact, or have no effect on any of the following?


a. Health/Education Facilities                       +                      no effect           --    

b. Emergency Service Providers                   +                      no effect           --                

c.                           Public Utilities                                      +                      no effect           --

d. Residential Area                                      +                      no effect           --    

e.                           Handicapped, Minorities, or Elderly        +                      no effect           --                

f. Local Tax Base                                       +                      no effect           --

g. Economic Activity                                   +                      no effect           --    


3. Natural Resources

a. Are any of the following in the project area? (please check)

Streams               ___      Floodplains        ___                  Wild and Scenic Rivers              ___

Rivers                  _X__    Lakes               ___                  National Natural Landmarks      ___

Wetlands             ___     


b. Will the project permanently or negatively impact the following?

    Soil Erosion or Sedimentation       Yes No _X_                        Wildlife and Wildlife Habitat       Yes No X__


4. Historic and Archeological Resources


a. Will the project have an effect on historic or archeological resources?         Yes              No _X__


b. If the project has an effect on historic or archeological resources,               Yes              No _X__

    has the effect been coordinated with the State Historic Preservation Office?                                                         

5. Hazardous Wastes

Is there any potential for involvement with hazardous wastes?                        Yes              No _X__


6. Noise

Is there potential for the project to have a noise impact on surrounding            Yes              No _X__

land uses?


7. Air Quality

Will the project have an adverse impact on air quality?                                   Yes              No _X__

K.  For Land & Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) Grant Applications ONLY

(Further explanation of the project may be described on a separate sheet.)




I.          Project Type:    Acquisition     Development            Redevelopment


                                       Combination:  Acquisition & Development


II.         Is the facility part of or adjacent to another recreation facility? 

   Yes      No


III.       Is the facility a former LWCF Project?     Yes    No  If yes, list project number(s) 16-_______


IV.       How many acres are included in the project?  __________


V.        Maps:  The 6(f)(3) project boundary map is a dated project boundary map showing the park area to be covered by Section 6(f)(3) of the Land and Water Conservation Act of 1965. The map should provide location, size indicators and a picture of key facilities and landmarks to help later project inspectors better identify and evaluate the site. All streets must be labeled, include a north arrow, etc.  The area will be the entire park, open space, or recreation area being developed or added to.  The property must remain open to public outdoor recreation in perpetuity. 


Submit a map that shows the location of the site.  The location map must give sufficient detail so a person who has never been in the area before can find the site.


VI.       Congressional District where the project is located:  _________________


VII.      Does the project acquire or protect wetlands?     Yes               No                        If yes, please explain.


VIII.     What currently exists on the property?  (Any existing development, power lines [underground or overhead], sewer or water, buildings, etc.)  If support elements such as roads, parking, water, sewer, and power do not exist on the property, please explain how they will be provided.  Also describe any changes you will make to them.




I.          Fifty percent (50%) match is required on all LWCF projects.


II.         The applicant agency will be responsible for the Grand Total in relation to the completed project.  Explain how your agency will finance the total cost of the project.  Remember, LWCF money cannot be used as “seed money”.  LWCF only reimburses completed work.


Do not start work on the project prior to receipt of a signed agreement.