Phase 2

Old Louisiana Pacific Property from the north
Click here for a map of phase 2.
Click here to see the property before any work, Spring 2003.
Clean Up Project in May 2003
The Phase 2 project will include the paving of the existing 1380 foot long pathway along the Teton River and the construction and paving of approximately 2500 feet of pathway through Rexburg’s Louisiana-Pacific project site. The path will require the construction of a pedestrian bridge over the Rexburg Canal. This bridge will be 10 feet wide and 42 feet long. Where the pathway goes along 2nd North approximately 300 feet of concrete sidewalk pathway will be constructed. For a distance of 2600 feet along 2nd North there will be a stripping delineated pathway to 5th West, where the path will join the existing pathway system along 5th West. (See accompanying drawings)
Bridge drawing
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Proposed bridge across Rexburg canal that traverses the Louisiana Pacific property.

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Cross sectional drawing of the path at various locations along the property, including work done in Phase 1.