Phase 1

Monument identifying the first phase

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Before and After Pictures
During a Saturday in June 2001, the committee organized a community effort to clean up and develop a pedestrian path on the side of the Teton River. The City of Rexburg had recently acquire title the quarter mile property on the south bank of the river to the east of Highway 33. The river at this point runs through the business district of Rexburg. The river dike was over grown with trees, brush and weeds. There was a great deal of litter along the banks and in the river.
Prior to Saturday, crews from the City of Rexburg graded the top of the dike and laid down a base of gravel and sand for a path. Saturday morning began with a pancake breakfast prepared by members of the local Presbyterian church. The meal was provided by a local business, Rexburg Online. Then the people spread out to clean up the area. At noon, a momument to the donors of the property was uncovered during a short ceremony.
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Presbyterian church members serve breakfast
Information booth
How beautiful the completed project looks
Cub Scouts participate in food and work
Racking soil in preparation for seed
Spreading grass seed
Clean up projects in the works
LDS youth help set up table for breakfast
Garbage bags fill up quickly
City crews haul aware garbage
Back breaking work
Removing trash from the river