Striping Master Map - pdf 
 2nd North 
 2005 - Rexburg 

Recommentations for Striping
Cycling Lanes in 2005
The following letter of recommendations was presented to the Rexburg City Council on February 16, 2005

Shawn Larsen, Mayor
Rexburg City Council
Rexburg, ID 83440

Subject: Suggestions for new bike lanes within the City of Rexburg for 2005.

Dear Mayor and City Council,

We would like to thank the city for bike lanes that have been created in 2004, that is on 2nd North from the High School to 5th West.   In our committee meeting held February 3rd, we discussed suggestions for additional bike lanes with in the City of Rexburg.  The Trails of Madison County Committee recommendations creating the following bike lanes within the City of Rexburg during 2005.   These recommendations are consistent with the master plan developed by the committee in 2003.  See the attached map.

1. Second South.  An east-west lane on 2nd South from 5th West to Lincoln elementary school. This path would be on the north side of the BYU Idaho campus.

2. First West.  A north-south lane on 1st West from 2nd North to 7th South.  We recognize that the very south end of this lane probably cannot be completed at this time because there is no curb near 7th South.  This path would serve as an extension of the path developed in 2004 on the Louisiana Pacific property.

3. Fifth West.  A north-south lane on 5th West from 2nd North to 7th South.  We recognize that part of this bike lane is already complete from 2nd North to Kennedy School.  Since this part of the lane is on the west side of the road it would seem to make sense for the lane further south continue on the west side.  However, the lane will have move from the sidewalk to a striped lane on the payment, south of Lincoln School.

4. Third East.  A north-south lane on 3st East from about 350 North to main street.  We would recommend that this lane be on the East side of the road so that it is adjacent to Smith Park.  We would also recommend that the path be extended one block from 3st East to 2nd East to the intersection by Cal Ranch Store.  This would make a connecting path from the northern shopping district on 2nd east all the way to Main street.  While the master plan calls for the bike lane to continue south along 3rd East, we feel should delay this section because the street is narrower south of Main street and we need more time to get input from the land owners along this street.

We thank you for consideration.

The Trails of Madison County Committee