Meeting Minutes of Thursday, March 25, 2004

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Trails of Madison County Meeting Minutes March 25, 2004 5:15 P.M.

Committee Members:

Keland Draney, Joseph West, Shauna Lee, Larry Prescott, Preston Haley, Heather Westenzweig, Kevin Riggs, Keith Davidson, Louis Clements, Jack Bowman, Shawn Larsen, Mike Clements, Commissioner Reed Sommer, Byron John, Kurt Hibbert, John Millar, Walter Deitz, Dan Hanna, Doug Hancey, Kim Goodman, Marilyn Rasmussen, Ron Moss, Vicki Grover, Rusty Earl.

In attendance:

Keland Draney, Kevin Riggs, J.D. Hancock, Joseph West, Heather Westenzweig, Jack Bowman, Keith Davidson, Kurt Hibbert, Shawn Larsen, John Millar.

Trails of Madison County Comprehensive Plan:

Joseph West & Keland Draney to present Trails of Madison County trail plan to Sugar City
Trails of Madison County website:


Start talking to land owners for easements for the trail.
Have a packet created that includes details of easement and trail size specs.
Get with ITD for specs and ground rules for building trails to federal standards.
Zollinger Construction equipment time
Get old Beams from I.F.
Started writing a charter, with names and recognition of committees.
J.D. Hancock sent letter to Flood Control District #1 about a trail on top of flood control dike.

Spud Race:

Where to dump potatoes? End at Nature Park with a potato bar?
April 15th open water to canals
Race, Spud Bar, and opening ceremony

Next Meeting:

April 8, 2004 at 5:15 PM


-Mayor Larsen & John Millar to meet with ITD.
- Joseph West to negotiate bridge deal.