Meeting Minutes of Thursday, March 4, 2004

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Trails of Madison County Meeting Minutes March 4, 2004 5:15 P.M. Committee Members:

Keland Draney, Joseph West, Shauna Lee, Larry Prescott, Preston Haley, Heather Westenzweig, Kevin Riggs, Keith Davidson, Louis Clements, Jack Bowman, Shawn Larsen, Mike Clements, Commissioner Reed Sommer, Byron John, Kurt Hibbert, John Millar, Walter Deitz, Dan Hanna, Doug Hancey, Kim Goodman, Marilyn Rasmussen, Ron Moss, Vicki Grover, Rusty Earl.

In attendance:

Keland Draney, Kevin Riggs, J.D. Hancock, Joseph West, Heather Westenzweig, Rusty Earl, Jack Bowman.

Trails of Madison County Comprehensive Plan:

Get trail map and written Trails of Madison County Comp plan outlined. Try to get Sugar City cooperation. Eric to modify trail map.


Vote on the name for the potato race,
1. The Great Potato Race
2. The Great Spud Race
3. Famous Potato Flotilla
4. Super Spud Wash
5. Super Spud Flotage
6. Rexburg Russet Race
7. Floating Potato Flotilla
8. Super Spud Splash.
Need people to get sponsors for the potato race
People to Jog or ride bikes to work from Sugar to Rexburg
Get concepts of trail to Byron John to have him render some sections of the trail.

Kmart Project:

Waiting on a price quote to build a bridge behind Kmart to connect the trail ways. (from the same builders who built the bridge out in Menan, Idaho)
Price quote for bridge approximately $60,000.00
Work on splitting some of the work on bridge and get some locals to donate some labor etc. to reduce the cost of building the bridge.
Get bridge spans from Idaho Falls company
Potato race to support bridge and help the community to get excited about the trails.

Next Meeting:

March 25, 2004 at 5:15 PM


1. JD Hancock to contact the corp. of engineers and BLM.
2. Joseph talk to John Millar.
3. Jack Bowman get old concept drawing of the recreation center.
4. Kevin send electronic copy of trail map to Rusty Earl.