Meeting Minutes of Thursday, February 19, 2004

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Trails of Madison County Meeting Minutes February 19, 2004 5:15 P.M.

Cmmittee Members:

Keland Draney, Joseph West, Shauna Lee, Larry Prescott, Preston Haley, DaNiel Jose, Kevin Riggs, Keith Davidson, Louis Clements, Jack Bowman, Shawn Larsen, Mike Clements, Commissioner Reed Sommer, Byron John, Kurt Hibbert, John Millar, Walter Deitz, Dan Hanna, Doug Hancey, Kim Goodman, Marilyn Rasmussen, Ron Moss, Vicki Grover, Rusty Earl.

In attendance:

Keland Draney, Kevin Riggs, Shawn Larsen, Joseph West, Heather Westenzweig, Rusty Earl.

Trails of Madison County Comprehensive Plan:

· The entire County and City of Rexburg would work from the same Comprehensive trail Plan.
· Set up a joint planning meeting to design overlay maps for each area Rexburg, Sugar City, and Madison County.


· Need protocol for appointing members to the Trails of Madison County committee, and other committees.
· Mayor Shawn Larsen—Citizen Committee Academy meeting March 31st 2004 at 7 P.M. held in the Tabernacle.
· Possible to get an article covering the Trails of Madison County bike paths published in East Idaho Bike Magazine.

Kmart Project:

· Waiting on a price quote to build a bridge behind Kmart to connect the trail ways. (from the same builders who built the bridge out in Menan, Idaho)

Tree City USA:

· Tree ordinance was given to the City of Rexburg for review.
· Joseph West has a start on the list of trees in Rexburg.
· Piggy back on the state forester for tree official-Jerry
· Arbor Day Celebration set for April 30th 2004
· City of Rexburg to start a “Pride Day” or clean up day in conjunction with the Arbor Day celebration which, April 30th will be the first day of the “Pride Day” celebration.
· “Pride Day” Three days out of the year (one day in April, May, & June) will be a day of service where the people in the area can get together and do service in the city to help beautify their community, etc.
· Possibly coordinate with fire department on the last “Pride Day” to have them buy tickets for the fire departments chicken dinner. Also invite some dignitaries to attend the last “Pride Day”.
· Service on “Pride Days” would be 3-4 hours and maybe have shirts or something like that for those who participate.
· Service groups to help with service coordination Kiwanis, Rotary Clubs, BYU-Idaho Students, Rexburg Chamber, etc.

Next Meeting:

March 4, 2004 at 5:15 PM


1. Shawn Larsen – Meet with Sugar Cities Mayor, and have city attorney review tree ordinance & then present the tree ordinance in Rexburg’s city ordinance form.
2. Brian Miller-Get grant writing workshop time and schedules.
3. Keland Draney- call Kurt and get city calendar to coordinate with the university.