Meeting Minutes of Tuesday, June 11, 2003

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Madison Rivers Greenways
Meeting Minutes
June 11, 2003
5:30 P.M.

Committee Members:

Keland Draney, Joseph West, Shauna Lee, Larry Prescott, Preston Haley, DaNiel Jose, Derek Payne, Keith Davidson, Louis Clements, Jack Bowman, Shawn Larsen, Mike Clements, Commissioner Reed Sommer, Byron John, Kurt Hibbert, John Millar, Walter Deitz, Dan Hanna, Doug Hancey, Kim Goodman, Marilyn Rasmussen, Ron Moss, Vicki Grover.

In attendance:

Keland Draney, Shauna Lee, DaNiel Jose, Louis Clements, Gene Palmer, Doug Hancey, Keith Davidson, Shawn Larsen, Derek Payne.

Quail Hollow

Gene Palmer presented the proposed pathways to be implemented in the Quail Hollow Subdivision. The pathway will run behind the lots on the east side of the subdivision through a drainage field. They have made an agreement with the City of Rexburg that the developer will deed the land to the city, prepare the land for the pathway and install a sprinkler system if the city will pave the pathway and purchase a drainage pipe to shed the water from the area to the canal. Residents of the subdivision are concerned about the time frame for completion of the pathway.

The developer is ready to spread seed if the project is going to be held up much longer. Neither the city nor the greenways committee has the funds to complete the project right now. It was the recommendation of the committee to go ahead with seeding the land and the sod could be cut when it comes time to pave the pathway.

Another concern for the project is to gain an easement to continue the pathway behind the lots on the west side of the subdivision. The original proposal showed the pathway proceeding across the front of the lots.

Obtaining funds for this project and others like it was discussed. Grants are one possibility for this type of project, especially if the pathways can be tied to school grounds access. It was the consensus of the committee that these costs should fall upon the developers in the future.

Comprehensive Plan

The committee is developing a proposal of a greenways segment for both the City of Rexburg and Madison County’s comprehensive plans. Presentations will be made to the Rexburg Planning & Zoning on June 19th at 7:00 PM and to The Rexburg City Council on July 02 at 7:30 PM.

It was discussed that the proposal should contain segments outlining the vision and future of the Madison River Greenways including maps, and ties to recreational and historical sites. The proposal will also explain developer requirements and allocation of expenses. The plan will be presented as an alternative transportation model. DaNiel Jose will make assignments to committee members concerning portions of the greenways section of the comprehensive plan.

Status of current project behind Kmart

The land behind Kmart has been leveled by Zollinger’s construction. The proposed trail has been staked and marked with pink paint. The final trail still has to be prepared for paving by contouring and elevating certain areas. The committee will meet at the site on June 25th to discuss these final touches before pavement is put down.

Keith Davidson met with John Millar concerning obtaining possible bridge materials from Allan Ball. There are 100’ and 35’ I-beams available. It was assumed that the canal was approximately 45’ wide in which case major work would have to be done to use the I-beams. The Amcor bid measured the canal at only 30’ in which case the 35’ beams would work very well. Keith is going to verify the canal width.

Next Meeting

The Madison Rivers Greenways committee will meet on Wednesday June 25th, 2003 at 5:00 PM in the parking lot behind Kmart to view and discuss the progress of the land development. The meeting will continue in the Madison County Administration building at approximately 5:30 PM.


DaNiel Jose – Make assignments to committee members concerning portions of the greenways section of the comprehensive plan.

Keith Davidson – Measure canal width.