Meeting Minutes of Tuesday, May 6, 2003

Madison Rivers Greenways
Meeting Minutes
May 06, 2003
5:30 P.M.

Committee Members:

Keland Draney, Joseph West, Shauna Lee, Larry Prescott, Preston Haley, DaNiel Jose, Derek Payne, Keith Davidson, Louis Clements, Jack Bowman, Mike Clements, Commissioner Reed Sommer, Byron John, Kurt Hibbert, John Millar, Walter Deitz, Dan Hanna, Doug Hancey, Kim Goodman, Marilyn Rasmussen, Ron Moss, Vicki Grover.

In attendance:

Keland Draney, Shauna Lee, Larry Prescott, DaNiel Jose, Derek Payne, Louis Clements.


City of Rexburg has appointed Brad Smith to represent them on the committee. Sugar City has appointed Walter Deitz to represent them on the committee.
The document of the organization and rules of the committee needs to be formalized then approved and signed by the commissioners.

Status of current project behind Kmart

Two bids were received from Amcor for the building of a bridge on the L.P. property. The first was for a prefabricated bridge at approximately $15,000 and the second was for a truck traffic bridge at $36,000. The committee still has other prospects for materials available from Road and Bridge or Alan Ball of Rexburg. The bridge installation may have to be postponed until the canal in drained in the fall.

Byron John has been unavailable for the landscaping project, as he is not teaching this term at the university. Electric and irrigation need to be in place before any other landscaping takes place.

A clean up project has been scheduled for May 31st at 8 AM. Project will be announced to the community and to the university to promote community involvement. The project will involved cleaning up trash, raking the area and spreading grass seed. It was suggested that the city water truck water the area along the trail.

Project near treatment plant

Kurt Hibbert is making contact with Mr. Burton from Sugar City, a professional trail bas, to supervise the construction and development of the site. College service groups need to be contacted for this project. Brian Schmidt at the university is over service projects for the students.

Dusty at Road and Bridge said that there should not be any problems with rearranging the gates at the transfer station to accommodate the needs of the trail area. A portion of the city impound can be developed as a parking lot for trail users. The slope into the area can be softened allowing easier access. A map of this area with its associated project sections will be added to


Janet Goodliffe was willing to help the committee with any specific grant applications we have, but was unable to be on the committee on a permanent basis. There is a couple that is possibly now working for the city that has extensive grant writing experience. The couple could be an asset to the committee if available.

Keland Draney has been invited by the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce to make a presentation during one of their forums concerning the greenways project. This will create awareness and possibly community involvement.

Meeting time change

Madison Rivers Greenways committee meetings have been changed from at 5:30 PM 6:30 PM every other Tuesday to the fourth Thursday of each month from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM. The next meeting will be held on Thursday May 22nd, 2003 at 5:30 PM.


Keland Draney
Contact John Millar concerning water truck.
DaNiel Jose
Contact John Millar concerning Alan Ball and bridge materials.
Contact Jack Bowman about service groups.
Shauna Lee
Run ad announcing clean-up project.
Larry Prescott
Contact Byron John concerning landscaping project.
Derek Payne
Email Map and Project Sectioning to Joseph