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Walker Property Trail

The Great Spud Race of 2009
The Great Spud Race of 2009 will take place Saturday, September 26, 2009, at 1:00 PM at the Rexburg Nature Park. Click on the link above to purchase your SPUD and to learn more.

The Trails of Madison County (formerly the Madison Rivers Greenway) is a committee dedicated to providing alternative transportation, muscle powered recreational opportunities, community beautification, and flood control within the Cities of Rexburg and Sugar City and all of Madison county.

The objective of the project is four fold.
  • Beautification. Much of the land along the rivers in Madison county is undeveloped. We have a great opportunity to beauty these areas. The committee will also serve as the Tree City Committee for those jurisdictions who designate them as such. 
  • Recreation. Provide areas for safe exercise and family activities. This will involve joining the existing parks, schools, and major employment areas together into a unified system of trails.
  • Safety. Develop the flood plain areas in such a way to reduce potential damage from floods.
  • Alternate Routes Develop alternate transportation routes.